Google Science Fair 2019 Winners

Grand Prize winner at @googlescifair Fionn Ferreira devised a system that removes microplastics from water using non-toxic iron oxide. He was able to pull 85% of 10 different types of microplastics out of the water. Read about all the winners here:

2019 Thailand Tech Ecosystem Growth

CNNI Click Culture Thailand

HONG KONG, June 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — In a special 30-minute program, CNN’s ‘Click Culture’ examines Thailand’s grand ambitions to become a technology hub for the region. CNN International anchor and correspondent Kristie Lu Stout takes the pulse of Thai tech to find the pressure points, as well as the unique opportunities for both local and foreign tech entrepreneurs and investors. CNN hears from tech experts and visits tech-centric locations, like Hubba, a co-working space, and True Digital Park, a newly-opened one-stop shop for high-tech, to find out where Thailand is going next.



Recorded Live! Startup Thailand 2019 Nation

-Opening Remarks


-Opening Speech

By Cabinet Office, Government of Japan

-Open Panel Talk : Startup Ecosystem for Space Business in Asia

Mr. Aukrit Unahalekhaka

Mr. James Yenbamroong

Mr. Amarit Charoenphan

Mr. Takuma Mori

Moderator by Miss Chatpawee Trichachawanwong – Princess of IT Ultimate Miss Twitter World 2009

-Team No.1 One-Sec (Centimetres in Seconds Satellite Solutions) – Australia

-Team No.2 General Agronomics- Development of crop insurance index from remote sensing data – ThailandTeam No.2

-Team No.3 Establishment of Control Points for Land Surveying using Super High-Resolution Satellite – Philippines

-Team No.4 Agrilite – Thailand

-Team No.5 Green fuel for propulsion of spacecraft, to produce oxygen, water and heat on other planet. – India

-Team No.6 Thailand Smart Agricultural monitoring by Tellus platform with Deep Neural Network – Thailand

-Team No.7 Fourestate – Thailand

-Team No.8 SPACE probiotic™ for future space food – Thailand

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Team No.9 Road surface condition for land transportation – Thailand

Team No.10 Space Communication and IOT integration – Philippines

Team No.11 All India Farmland Visualization Project – India

Team No.12 RS-AR: Remote Sensing Data Visualized in Augmented Reality – Philippines

Team No.13 BlueWatch: Spatial Aquaculture Advisory System for Smart AquaFrams – Thailand

Team No.14 Packagehub – Philippines

Team No.15 Traffic Light Management for Intelligent City by QZSS & 5G Platform – Thailand



– Data Eco Farm :: Vietnam

– Data Cue : Chile

– Fractal Mind : Portugal

– Haulio : Singapore

– Impressius : France

– SmartDrive Inc : Japan

– TrueBizon : Japan

– Solidatus : UK

– Bugsolutely : ltaly


Deep Tech Synopsis English:

Southeast Asia’s biggest tech conference once again gathers the nation’s hottest startups, along with entrepreneurs, speakers and investors from around the globe. Placing Thailand well and truly on the startup map, we unveil Bangkok as a tech hub of the future.

On the 24th of July 2019, KX Knowledge Exchange showcases the latest innovations, insights from global thought leaders, and opportunities for synergy and financing in the Deep Tech space.

Innovation showcases, global trends and market insights in:

AI, Big Data & Robotics

Energy Storage


Technology Commercialization

New grads, budding entrepreneurs and potential investors.

A Journey of a Thai Animator for The Lion King Movie
•Chalermphol Wattanawongtrakool, Animator at Moving Picture Company London

A Journey of a Thai Animator for The Lion King Movie
•Chalermphol Wattanawongtrakool, Animator at Moving Picture Company London

“Cargo bikes are booming”

Your cargo bikes have more designs than Thailand’s Saleng!


The director of the International Cargo Bike Festival, which was celebrated last weekend in the city of Groningen in the far north of the Netherlands, thinks “the tide is definitely turning”. The festival magazine, issued for the eight edition, has another quote from Jos Sluijsmans: “Don’t underestimate the amount of people who want their cities to be safer, cleaner and healthier”. In a better world, city logistics are no longer done by half empty trucks and vans, but by cargo bikes!

The festival area used to be a sugar factory.

The opening of the 2019 Cargo Bike Festival in Groningen.

After six editions in Nijmegen (from 2012 to 2017) last year’s edition of the International Cargo Bike Festival was held in Berlin. I had visited the festival from 2013 to 2016 (and I wrote threeblogposts about it) but I had missed the event in 2017 and…

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