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The best things in life are free so improve/hack everything responsibly?

“Search + Share = Open Source Solutions”

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Help everyone enhance/hack their lives so they live their dreams

Everything can be reinvented/hacked responsibly as the best things in life are free… like clean air/water/love/technology… (Make sure you read all the way down to hacking hacking as that explains one simple formula so anyone can solve/improve anything)!

As it appears that everything is being reinvented/hacked with technology right now here are a few thoughts on how we can hack anything positively and simply. Less is more more or less!

0. Mind/Education Hack – How you (and society) train your mind to think is what you become!

Your time/mind/body/health is the most valuable resource you have as you can do anything in the world with it!

A. Walk, Jog and run as a natural way to help clear your mind and keep your body stronger (dont forget to stop every so often to apreciate the natural wonder of nature…

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The F325 Fast Cycle Route Arnhem – Nijmegen

Highly recommended this highway just for bikes in my country & let’s start it in Pattaya City, first. Naklua-Pattaya-Sattahip’s U-tapao airport route should not be very bad.


RijnWaalpad is the name of the fast cycle route from the provincial capital Arnhem on the Rhine and the other big city in the province of Gelderland, Nijmegen, on the river Waal. These two cities – that will host the international cycling conference Velocity 2017 together – are now connected by the 15.8 kilometre long cycle route that makes it possible to cycle that distance in about 45 minutes. The route was opened on 3 July last. Arnhem and Nijmegen are also both on the long list for becoming the best cycling city in The Netherlands in 2016.

The RijnWaalpad fast cycle route alongside the A325 motorway. The RijnWaalpad fast cycle route alongside the A325 motorway.

The route replaces an existing cycle route that was about 3 kilometres longer. The new path is 4 metres wide and has a surface of smooth red asphalt. Cycling gets priority on junctions as much as possible. The path makes it possible…

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