Episode 42: The Art Of The Pitch – Bringing To Life The Strategic Idea

Octopus Digital Strategy

An idea can move. An idea can inspire. An idea can make the difference. But that idea needs to be positioned, articulated and communicated in a way that will help an audience not only understand what makes the idea logically sound, it also needs to resonate emotionally. Understanding how to do that is at the core of the art of the pitch. And mastering this skill is what makes the difference between a good strategist, and a great one.

When we think about the pitch, we typically envision a stand up presentation with a series of slides. But we forget that we pitch everyday and with almost every interaction. Every human point of contact is a pitch of sorts. There is an element of persuasion, subtle or overt that is happening. It’s part of human nature. Anyone who says that they are not a salesperson misunderstands the nature of sales…

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