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Episode 42: The Art Of The Pitch – Bringing To Life The Strategic Idea

Octopus Digital Strategy

An idea can move. An idea can inspire. An idea can make the difference. But that idea needs to be positioned, articulated and communicated in a way that will help an audience not only understand what makes the idea logically sound, it also needs to resonate emotionally. Understanding how to do that is at the core of the art of the pitch. And mastering this skill is what makes the difference between a good strategist, and a great one.

When we think about the pitch, we typically envision a stand up presentation with a series of slides. But we forget that we pitch everyday and with almost every interaction. Every human point of contact is a pitch of sorts. There is an element of persuasion, subtle or overt that is happening. It’s part of human nature. Anyone who says that they are not a salesperson misunderstands the nature of sales…

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The Rise of Emerging Entrepreneurial Cities

The mission of the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) is to help build one entrepreneurial ecosystem. People are mobile, ideas fly around the world, and capital moves rapidly across borders. Entrepreneurs no longer need to be constrained by
geographic boundaries: startups in Africa working on global problems will seek connections with startups in Europe and the United States. Venture capitalists have followed this pattern, expanding their global investment portfolio over the past two decades.
Yet we have lacked ways to fully capture the globalization of startups and the progress of the global entrepreneurial ecosystem. And, while we have evidence-based insights about the DNA of specific innovation hubs such as London, New York, and Silicon Valley, we have not understood what works in helping smaller ecosystems accelerate their growth and increase their performance. Until now.

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Coworking Space, Digital Nomad, Pattaya

by Chris the Freelancer

Woot, rPod! It’s in the district of Bang Lamung. Wong Amat beach sea has been serene & fine. Naklua or Na Kluea sea has gotten muddy sand and not crystal clear as the island’s since it had been mangrove and sea salt field in the past.

Coworking Space, Digital Nomad, Pattaya
rPod’s speed is now very improved. Check it out! Hip hip hooray 😀
Coworking Space, Digital Nomad, Pattaya
🤠Keep your work-life balance at rPod 🏃
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🐬A Weekend Team Meeting from Bangkok🐳

Embed Google Docs, Mind Maps, YouTube Videos, Evernote Notes and More in WorkFlowy



Sometimes serendipity runs its course – like the almost happenstance privilege I get to blog in this space… or stumbling upon JavaScript that powers a whole new subset of WorkFlowy use cases: the ability to embed web content from a variety of sources right into your outlines. I don’t understand the first thing about JavaScript (only how to copy-paste), so you’re in good company. Now let me show you a couple of gems I’ve been polishing.

Below you’ll see a handful of apps and services I was able to get to show up in WorkFlowy – each of which have highly practical potential. I’m positive that more than one will pique your interest…

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LimeBike raises $12 million to roll out bike sharing without kiosks in the US

A startup called LimeBike has raised $12 million in venture funding to make Chinese-style bike sharing mainstream in the US. Andreessen Horowitz led the round joined by IDG Ventures, DCM Ventures and other investors who declined to be named. In China, companies like MoBike and Ofo have raised massive amounts of venture capital and distributed…

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