Seven Steps to Small Business Recovery

Steve Blank

What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.
Friedrich Nietzsche

The world is a different place than it was 90 days ago. Countries traded saving lives by shutting down most of their economy. Tens of millions who had jobs are now unemployed worrying about their future. Business owners large and small are struggling to find their footing, wondering what will be the new normal when the recovery happens. For the majority of companies, the business models of the past will not return.

Hit hardest were most small business service providers. Each day as they sheltered in place watching their bank accounts dwindle, they wondered: If I can’t perform my services, what will happen to my business? The reactions ping-ponged between uncertainty, fear, panic, anger and distress. But over the last month the reaction from a growing percentage has been resolve. Resolve to leave behind elements or services in their business that…

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What’s Missing From Zoom Reminds Us What It Means to Be Human

‘An Opportunity for Innovators to Take Video Conferencing to the Next Level

This billion person science experiment replacing face-to face communication with digital has convinced me of a few things:
1. The current generation of video conferencing applications ignore how humans communicate
– They don’t help us capture the non-verbal communication cues – touch, gestures, postures, glances, odors, etc.
– They haven’t done their homework in understanding how important each of these cues is and how they interact with each other. (What is the rank order of the importance of each cue?)
– Nor do they know which of these cues is important in different settings. For example, what are the right cues to signal empathy in social settings, sincerity, trustworthiness and rapport in business settings or attention and understanding in education?
2. There’s a real opportunity for a next generation of video conference applications to fill these holes. These new products will begin to address issues such as: How do you shake hands? Exchange business cards? Pick up on the environment around the speaker? Notice the non-verbal cues?
3. There are already startups offering emotion detection and analytics software that measure speech patterns and facial cues to infer feelings and attention levels. Currently none of these tools are integrated into broadly used video conferencing apps. And none of them are yet context sensitive to particular meeting types. Perhaps an augmented reality overlay with non verbal cues for business users might be a first step as powerful additions.’

Steve Blank

Over the last month billions of people have been unwilling participants in the largest unintentional social experiment ever run – testing how video conferencing replaced face-to-face communication.

While we’ve discovered that in many cases it can, more importantly we’ve discovered that, regardless of bandwidth and video resolution, these apps are missing the cues humans use when they communicate. While we might be spending the same amount of time in meetings, we’re finding we’re less productive, social interactions are less satisfying and distance learning is less effective. And we’re frustrated that we don’t know why.

Here’s why video conferencing apps don’t capture the complexity of human interaction.

All of us sheltering at home have used video conferencing apps for virtual business meetings, virtual coffees with friends, family meetings, online classes, etc. And while the technology allows us to conduct business, see friends and transfer information one-on-one and one-to-many from our…

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Steve Jobs President & CEO, NeXT Computer Corp and Apple. MIT Sloan Distinguished Speaker Series

Steve Jobs, one of the computer industry’s foremost entrepreneurs, gives a wide-ranging talk to a group of MIT Sloan School of Management students in the spring of 1992. Jobs shares his professional vision and personal anecdotes, from his role at the time as president and CEO of NeXT Computer Corporation, to the thrilling challenges of co-creating Apple Computer, and subsequent disappointments at his ousting. In conversational exchanges with audience members Jobs underscores the value of direct experience in the field, and “developing scar tissue.” The unexpected guest lecture within the Sloan Distinguished Speaker Series came about through the efforts of a Sloan MBA ’92 student whose sister had recently married Jobs.

In a Crisis – An Opportunity For A More Meaningful Life

Steve Blank

Sheltering in place during the Covid-19 pandemic, my coffees with current and ex-students (entrepreneurs, as well as employees early in their careers) have gone virtual. Pre-pandemic these coffees were usually about what startup to join or how to find product/market fit. Though in the last month, even through Zoom I could sense they were struggling with a much weightier problem. The common theme in these calls were that many of them were finding this crisis to be an existential wakeup call. “My job feels pretty meaningless in the big picture of what matters. I’m thinking about what happens when I can go back to work. I’m no longer sure my current career path is what I want to do. How do I figure it out?”

Here’s what I’ve told them.

In a Crisis – An Opportunity to Reflect
If you’re still in school, or early in your career, you thought…

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Customer Discovery In the Time Of the Covid-19 Virus — Steve Blank

With in-person classes canceled, we’re about to start our online versions of Hacking for Defense and Hacking for Oceans (and here). The classes are built on the Lean Startup methodology: Customer Discovery, Agile Engineering and the Business/Mission Model Canvas. So how do our students get out of the building to talk to customers to do Customer Discovery when they can’t get out of the building? How do should startups do it?

A version of this article appeared in TechCrunch. With in-person classes canceled, we’re about to start our online versions of Hacking for Defense and Hacking for Oceans (and here). The classes are built on the Lean Startup methodology: Customer Discovery, Agile Engineering and the Business/Mission Model Canvas. So how do our students get out of […]

Customer Discovery In the Time Of the Covid-19 Virus — Steve Blank

Thailand’s New COVID-19 Test Kits

Thailand’s new COVID-19 test kits

Plans to produce and distribute the new COVID-19 test kits throughout the country soon

The Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation (MHESRI), Siam Bioscience, and the Department of Medical Sciences (DMSC) have developed new COVID- 19 test kits using the RT-PCR technique for analysis, which is a standard laboratory technique recognized by WHO.

The first batch of 20,000 test kits to the Government. In addition, this collaboration aims to produce and deliver test kits to the government within six months, for distributing to 100 hospitals nationwide.

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Small Business Webinar: How to Optimize Your Site Happiness Engineers Kathryn Presner and Steve Dixon lead a workshop about designing your business website using WordPress themes, layouts and blocks; attracting customers; SEO and optimizing your website from audiences; mobile readiness; accepting payments and much more.

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In this workshop you can learn about:

04:56 Essential Pages for Business Websites

07:44 Webpage Layouts

09:55 Blocks for Business

13:33 Website Accessibility

16:16 Search Engine Optimization for Your Website

23:05 Keyword Placement and SEO Tools on

25:05 Google Verification

26:37 Site Statistics

28:01 Mobile Friendly Website Design

31:20 Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

32:15 Accept Payments and Books Online

35:19 WooCommerce and ecommerce

36:56 References and Resources

37:35 Q&A Covering Blocks, Templates, Layouts, Mobile Readiness, Audience Objectives, Classic Editor vs. Block Editor, Choosing a Plan, and Much More

Whether you’re a new small business owner or freelancer with no website, or you already have a business and are looking for tips on how to optimize your existing site, you’ll be sure to walk away from the webinar with actionable tips you can implement to get the most out of your online presence. We covered best practices and guiding principles for creating an amazing website to help you build your brand and business.

Full Q&A and Presentation:


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How Asia’s Women Have Progressed

LinkedIn members took to the platform to International Women’s Day on Sunday. Here’s a snapshot of how things have progressed for working women in Asia, and where there’s more room for improvement.

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